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Plastic Surgery San Antonio

Top DocsWelcome to the aesthetic plastic surgery practice of Dr. Richard Levine. Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Levine has been practicing plastic surgery for more than 30 years in San Antonio, Texas, and focuses exclusively on cosmetic surgery procedures to help patients look their best. He has been on the faculty of numerous medical schools and authored extensively in cosmetic surgery. You will find him to be dedicated to the success and safety of your surgical experience. Dr. Levine aspires to make a positive difference in the lives of his patients and the community. He has been selected amongst the Best Doctors in Texas.

Dr. Richard Levine exclusively performs cosmetic surgery procedures that treat the appearance of the face, eyelids, breasts, abdomen, and body shape and contours. Dr. Levine’s office also has a licensed aesthetician to assist you with all of your skin care needs. To learn more about all the services we offer including the in-office use of Botox and injectable fillers please visit our Procedures and Skin Care pages.

Doctor Levine believes that his preparatory education in Mathematics, Dentistry, Medicine, Pathology, General and Plastic Surgery were essential to his understanding of the complex issues of Aesthetic Surgery.

He has served on the Executive Board of both the Baptist and Methodist Hospitals. He has been Chief of Staff and the Chairman of Plastic Surgery at both the Methodist and Baptist Hospital Systems and is currently Professor of Surgery (Plastic) at the University of Texas.

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Current News

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OK, I’m mildly fascinated by what’s going on under my arms. Some people call it “bat wing” arm, but I prefer bye-bye arms (as they keep waving long after I do).
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Ear Doctors Performing Face-Lifts? It Happens

After moving from New York to Los Angeles in 2010 to take a job with a financial services firm, Joan, now 59, believed she needed to freshen her look.
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New Technique Provides Option for Breast Reconstruction after Radiation

For breast cancer patients who have undergone radiation therapy, a new technique consisting of fat injection followed by implant placement may provide a much-needed alternative for breast reconstruction.
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