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“I have made a difficult decision to protect the privacy of my patients and prevent misunderstanding of the reality of surgery. “Before and After Photos” are a sensational Internet marketing tool. They are exciting to see because they are usually a compilation of a surgeons’ best results. Unfortunately because they do not represent the average experience it is easy for future patents to develop unreasonable expectations. Of course you know that even the most excellent surgery creates scars, but how often are they shown in these photos?

Some of my patients are well known and recognizable, but most are people like yourself who deserve privacy that should not be exploited for business reasons. It is impossible to show facial procedures and hide identity. Recently, I performed a facelift and eyelid surgery on a woman who stated afterwards that although I had been “highly recommended” she almost did not see me because she was looking for lots of website pictures. I asked her if she felt comfortable to have her pictures on the “web” and she said “of course not” despite her beautiful facial rejuvenation. I understand her interest in privacy and you probably do as well.

I have over thirty years of experience represented in photographs that you can see in my office at your consultation. These pictures will provide for the privacy of those who allow their use and are representative of a range of results that will give you insight into reasonable expectations. I look forward to seeing you there.”

Dr. Levine specializes in cosmetic surgical procedures of the face, as well as many non-invasive procedures.

*Individual Results may vary 

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