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Permanent Makeup is a way to enhance your natural features, take back years and give you back years in time saved. If you want to be at your best and most confident from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, Permanent Makeup may be for you. Unlike Botox or dermal fillers that offer a more youthful appearance by improving wrinkles and creases in the skin but only last for several months, Permanent Makeup is a permanent solution.

There are several different areas of the face that can benefit from Permanent Makeup from the eyebrows to the lips to eyeliner to the full face treatment. There is no right or wrong choice; it just depends on each individual’s desired results. Permanent Eyebrow tattoos take the longest to heal, but there is very little, if any swelling and the discomfort level of the procedure is on par with the sensation of tweezing.

Permanent Eyeliner is a great tool for making those eyes pop 24/7 and saves perhaps the most time in a woman’s daily routine. Not to mention, the wear and tear of applying and removing eyeliner daily leads to a prematurely wrinkled and run down appearance. There is little to no discomfort in the procedure, no down time and you can wear mascara the next day.

Wish you could have perfectly shaped and colored lips without worrying about shedding your lipstick smudge on every surface you touch? Permanent Lip Makeup is a great answer! Permanent Lip Makeup can help redefine the shape to create a fuller or smaller lip and give you that delicate upper lip “bow”. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about lipstick smears ever again.

The Full Face Treatment is great for women who want to eliminate their morning beauty routine and feel confident and beautiful 24/7. It’s a convenient time saver that can take back years off your face. The most important decision in any permanent make up procedure, though, is not which procedure you get, but rather who is doing it. Permanent Makeup is, well… you guessed it, permanent. Choosing an experienced trained and highly recommended technician. Do your research and see examples of their work.

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