Mid-face Surgery


Surgical rejuvenation of the middle third of the face has seen the most exciting and innovative changes in cosmetic surgery over the last ten years. I published a paper describing the process of facial aging and the influence of the shape of your facial bone structure on the timing and rate of “looking old”. People who have the familial appearance of bulging eyes and flattened cheeks appear to age faster. Everyone has the same size eyeball, but if you lack ‘full’ boney cheeks then your eyelid fat will have poor support and the soft tissues of your cheek will droop at a younger age. Often, rather than remove it, I transfer the bulging eyelid fat to enhance cheek volume. Some people have such significant cheek hollowing with age that surgeons place an implant that I designed to build up more support. These patients are gratified because they no longer look sad and they find that the new cheek volume will make their nose look less large. Less significant flattening can be treated by grafted your own fat from your belly, or using fillers such as restylane or volumizers such as radiesse.

Look at yourself in the mirror. If you see fine wrinkles of the lower lid don’t be concerned. You need a little extra skin there in order to close your eye. If you see lowering of the lid shadows, bulging of orbital fat, and hollows that appear like an italicized “y” shaped shadow over your cheeks then you may want to consider a mid facial rejuvenation.

*Individual Results may vary

*Individual Results may vary

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