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After weight loss, in older age or simply due to a genetic factor, one can develop loose upper arm skin. There can be excess, stubborn fat in the upper arms as well. Through Brachioplasty , also known as an Arm Lift, excess skin can be treated. Brachioplasty in addition to Liposuction can help remedy excess fat along with the skin. Ideal candidates for Brachioplasty are in good physical and emotional health with realistic expectations for the procedure and its potential results.

The most important step in your arm lift journey is finding the right plastic surgeon for you. You will need to take special precautions to ensure the plastic surgeon is qualified, credited, experienced and has the aesthetic eye to give you the results you desire with the safety you deserve. There are a number of easy ways to quickly research your potential plastic surgeons reputation and accreditations, much of which can be done online. In addition to checking into their board certifications and other accreditations, training and experience, you will want to check out their before and after photos of previous patients and read what these patients have to say about their experiences. Most plastic surgeons offer these photo galleries and testimonial pages on their websites, while some may choose to keep their portfolios more private and only make them available for in-office prospective patients to see.

Once you have narrowed down your list of prospective plastic surgeons, the next step will be to make a consultation appointment with him/her or them (if there are more than one prospective plastic surgeons). Think of this consultation appointment as a job interview. You are interviewing them to see if they are the right plastic surgeon for you and they are interviewing you to see if you are a good fit for the procedure. Be prepared before you go and have a list of questions you wont want to forget to ask. Also, be prepared to answer questions about your medical history, lifestyle and for the plastic surgeon to examine you and possibly take some pictures.

Finally, once you have found the right plastic surgeon for you, the two of you will begin to discuss you’re the best plan of action for getting the results you want. There are a few decisions to be made in a Brachioplasty procedure plan, but with the right plastic surgeon on your side, these decisions can be made easily and with great confidence. It is important to know what you want, but to also keep an open mind in order to consider any advice your plastic surgeon may have to offer you.

In conclusion, a Brachioplasty surgery can be a wonderful procedure to eliminate excess sagging skin, but as with any surgical procedure, there are risks to consider and the decision should not be made lightly. Take the time to weight the risks and benefits before you make the commitment to a Brachioplasty surgery.

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