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Post-Baby Plastic Surgery Procedures

Post-Baby Plastic Surgery Procedures

It's a life-changing experience bringing a new baby home. Unfortunately, those changes aren't confined to the nursery. The rapid weight gain and loss of pregnancy and childbirth lead to stretching skin, pressure on your internal organs, and excess body fat that can be impossible to lose. For many new mothers, these post-pregnancy body changes can lead to confidence issues.

Dr. Richard Levine understands the role that is feeling your best on the outside plays on your overall health. To help you recapture your pre-pregnancy body and restore your self-confidence, he offers specialized mommy makeover procedures.

Tummy tuck

Pregnancy and childbirth lead to long-term changes in your abdominal tightness. Over the nine months of your pregnancy, the skin and muscles of your abdomen stretch as your baby grows.

In addition to stretching, your muscles also separate to make room for the baby. After childbirth, most women have loose skin, excess fat, and tissue in the abdomen that never completely return to normal.

To tighten your core, Dr. Levine recommends abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck. During this procedure, he brings your abdominal muscles back together and removes excess fat. Not only is your abdominal profile improved with a tummy tuck, but it can also eliminate stretch marks.

Because your hormones contribute to your skin’s elasticity and are elevated following childbirth, Dr. Levine typically recommends waiting about six months after delivery to have a tummy tuck. This period gives your skin time to normalize after childbirth.

Breast lift or augmentation

Age and gravity can take a toll on your breasts, but pregnancy and breastfeeding can bring these changes to an entirely new level. On top of the sagging that many postpartum women notice, there can also be significant breast volume loss and nipple changes.

To restore the shape and size of your breasts, Dr. Levine offers breast lifts and augmentations. Depending on the condition of your breasts, you may benefit from having both a breast lift and augmentation.

Breast Lift

During a breast lift, Dr. Levine surgically restores the perky appearance of your breasts by removing excess skin and firming up the breast tissue. This procedure doesn’t increase the size of your breasts; it only addresses their shape and appearance by repositioning your nipples and getting rid of loose skin.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation enhances your breast shape and size. It’s one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments available. During breast augmentation, Dr. Levine places silicon or saline implants beneath your pectoral muscle and partially under your breast to improve your breast position and projection.

Breastfeeding is still possible after a breast lift or augmentation, but Dr. Levine works closely with you to determine the best time to schedule your procedure.


When pregnancy leaves you with stubborn pockets of unwanted fat, Dr. Levine offers body contouring with liposuction.

Liposuction, or lipo, is a popular plastic surgery procedure that allows Dr. Levine to suck unwanted fat from your body through small incisions. This highly effective treatment can remove fat from several areas of your body, including the buttocks, thighs, and hips as well as the abdomen.

In some cases, Dr. Levine recommends liposuction in combination with other treatments like tummy tucks for optimal results.

To restore your pre-pregnancy body and regain your confidence, call Richard Levine, MD, or schedule an appointment online today.

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