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Five Self-Care Tips for Keeping Your Skin Looking Young

If you do an Internet search for “tips for younger looking skin,” in less than half a second you get over seven million hits. To say that the world of skin care is confusing would be a gross understatement.

To help you wade through the science, the gimmicks, and the “absolute best tips of all time,” we’ve drilled down through the mountain of information to provide you with five simple things you can do every day to keep your skin looking young, fresh, and vibrant.

After all, here at Richard Levine MD, we’ve been helping our clients in the San Antonio area look their best for years, and we know what works, and what doesn’t.

1. The fountain of youth

You’ve heard it before, and we’re here to say it again -- water is your absolute best skincare and anti-aging tool. Period. Yet, most people still don’t drink enough on a daily basis.

Consider this: Your skin cells, like all of your cells, are largely made up of water. In fact, your skin is 64% water. If you’re not constantly replenishing the water content in your skin cells, they become less elastic and plump, and even duller.

To conduct your own test, try pinching the skin on the top of your hands, which is what some doctors do to detect dehydration. If your skin holds the pinched-shape longer, it’s a sign that it needs more water. Well-hydrated skin recovers more quickly, smoothing out the pinched area.

In a dry climate like ours here in San Antonio, you need to be especially vigilant about water intake, since your body can go through it more quickly to combat the arid air.

To help you remember your water, try setting up a schedule where you drink a full eight-ounce glass at least eight times a day. You can do double duty on this by downing a glass of water before you eat, because it makes you feel fuller and you’ll eat less.

There are even plenty of apps you can download on your phone to help with water intake, such as Daily Water, Hydro Coach, and Water Drink Reminder.

2. Protect yourself

When it comes to healthy, young-looking skin, sun protection ranks right up there with water in terms of importance. Exposure to sun is one of the main drivers behind prematurely aging skin. The sun’s UV rays break down your collagen and elastin and damage your skin cells, which makes sun protection paramount.

And the skin on your face is the most exposed, making sun protection of this area all the more vital. Whether you slather on the sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher is best) or wear a hat, you can prevent the sun from speeding up your skin’s aging process.

To make things easy, there are many face creams that contain SPF protection, so you can combine your daily skincare regimen.

3. Beauty sleep

There’s a reason why you receive compliments on those days when you’ve had a good night’s rest, or you field pitying looks when you don’t -- your skin needs you to sleep.

While you sleep, your body takes advantage of this quiet time and sets to work repairing itself by regenerating new cells and ramping up collagen production to help with repairs. As well, your circulation benefits from rest, ensuring that blood is flowing to every corner of your body, which leaves you with a glowing complexion.

4. From the inside out

Good nutrition plays a vital role in the health of your skin, nourishing it and helping it fight off free radicals that can damage your skin cells.

Turn to foods that are full of antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. In other words, eat your fruits and veggies, especially the colorful ones. Berries of all kinds and dark, leafy greens, such as kale, pack a powerful nutritional punch that helps your skin stay healthy and young looking.

5. Out with the old

The last tip for younger-looking skin is a good exfoliation routine in order to clear away dead skin cells and free up your pores. There’s no shortage of exfoliation products on the market, and we can help you choose one that’s right for your skin. We also offer a number of products at our practice that we believe are the most effective.

We also offer microdermabrasions and skin peels that remove old skin cells and pave the way for younger, fresh cells to take their place.

If you combine at-home exfoliation (typically two times a week) with regular visits here for a more professional and deeper scrub, you’ll be rewarded with more youthful, vibrant skin, especially if you round out your care at home with hydration, protection, rest, and nourishment.

If you’d like to learn more about skin care, please don’t hesitate to call us. Or you can schedule using the “request appointment” button here on the website.

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