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Face and Body Implants for Men

Modern plastic surgery techniques have made it possible for us to reshape and redefine your body and face with incredibly natural-looking results, giving you the features you’ve always wanted but nature failed to provide.

Here at Richard Levine, MD, we offer a number of implant procedures for men and women in the San Antonio, Texas, area, for their faces as well as their bodies. For men, chest, chin, and cheek implants are very popular, helping our male clients look and feel their best.

If you’d like to explore the options in face and body implants for men, here’s a quick synopsis of what we offer.

Puffing up

If you’ve spent hours in the gym lifting weights in the hopes of getting one step closer to Dwayne Johnson’s chest, but your pectoral muscles refuse to cooperate and bulk up, a chest implant provides a way around your stubborn body.

Male chest implants differ from women’s breast implants in that they’re made out of solid silicone. We place the silicone forms behind your pectoral muscles, which camouflage the implants nicely, leaving you with natural-looking, robust pecs.

There are no known adverse effects from the silicone and your muscles do a stellar job at keeping the implant in place. We typically perform the male chest implant procedure on an outpatient basis, but you should still plan on taking it easy for a few days once you’re home.

While most male chest implant procedures go off without a hitch, bear in mind that we’re still talking about surgery and there’s always some risk.

Chin up

A few years ago, a New York plastic surgeon conducted a study of the Fortune 500 CEOs to confirm a theory he had. His study bore him out when he found that 90% of CEOs have strong chins.

There are many theories about the role a strong chin plays in defining masculinity. Even if researchers can’t agree on why a defined chin is perceived as stronger and more confident, they do agree that this perception exists.

In case you’re thinking that 90% of men have naturally stronger-looking chins than you, there’s a strong possibility that there may be some chin implants among this group of CEOs.

Our chin implants are made out of biocompatible materials like silicone, which we place in the tip of your chin. There are many different options when it comes to the size and shape of the implant and we’re happy to help you choose one that’s best for your face during your initial consultation.

Chiseled cheeks

Another popular facial implant is our cheek implants, which are ideal if you don’t have naturally pronounced cheeks or age has robbed your cheeks of their fullness.

Our goal when it comes to cheek implants is to re-create the lightness and softness of youth and obtain the natural volume of expression of happiness and youth.

Before your surgery, you sit down with Dr. Levine to discuss your goals and, together, you choose the size and shape of the implants that work best with your face.

The procedure itself lasts only 30-60 minutes and you may go home after. You should plan on taking it slow while your surgical site heals. Rest assured, Dr. Levine makes the incision as inconspicuous as possible, going under the chin and even inside your mouth.

If you have more questions about face and body implants for men, we’re always happy to take your call. Or you can use the online scheduling tool on this website to book a consultation.

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