Discover New Advances in Breast Augmentation

Forget everything you think you know about breast augmentation. Today, you have more and better options for larger breasts that look nature. Board-certified plastic surgeon Richard A. Levine, MD, specializes in breast augmentation, offering patients throughout the San Antonio, Texas, area access to cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re looking to increase your breast size or revise a previous augmentation, read on as Dr. Levine explains the new advances and your options today.

Silicone Implant Advances

Silicone implant technology has come a long way. Advances in silicone implants offer:

A higher fill ratio provides you with fuller and more natural-looking breasts, while advances in projection styles mean you can have a more natural shape.

The new silicone gel types are cohesive, and some have a textured surface, so they stay in place and keep their shape, resulting in a more natural appearance.

Other options are designed with lightness in mind. A new lightweight option is 30 percent lighter than other currently available silicone implants and utilizes advanced technology to disperse very small, hollow beads throughout the silicone. Lighter implants decrease stress on breast tissue, particularly during physical activity and reduce the wear and tear on your body.

The advances in fill and gel cohesion mean that we can provide you with a more individualized look.

Saline Implant Advances

You can now choose from new types of saline implants. These options improve upon previously available models in shape and consistency, and are designed to look and feel more natural.

One available option consists of a series of interconnected soft shells nested together. Composed of two separate chambers that hold the saline, this hybrid implant provides you with more size options, is softer than previous models, and less likely to ripple or deflate.

Fat Transfer

Breast implants are no longer the only way to increase your breast size. For women who just want to increase their bust by a cup or a cup and a half, fat transfer is an excellent option. We use liposuction to remove fat from areas where you have some to spare, like your love handles, abdomen, thighs, and back, and injecting it into your breasts.

In addition to larger, fuller breasts, liposuction gives you the bonus of having a more contoured body, and because the fat comes from your own body, it feels and looks natural.

Fat transfer is an effective option if you already have breast implants and want a boost in fullness. I can inject fat surrounding the implant to further enhance the look of your current implants.

This is also a good option if you have very thin coverage over your implant — a problem that often results in rippling and wrinkling. Adding additional fat from a donor site to the tissue surrounding the implant takes care of rippling to give your breasts a natural, full look.

Advances in 3-D Imaging

New 3-D technology provides you with ultra high-resolution 3-D image capture so you can visualize all of the possibilities. With razor-sharp detail, advanced 3-D imaging technology generates a more realistic image of what you would look like with the desired augmentation.

Today’s advances in breast augmentation technology allow for more customization than ever. For the first time, we surgeons can truly individualize the appearance of your breasts.

Your journey starts with a consultation. Request an appointment today by calling our office or book your consultation online.

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