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Plastic Surgery Procedures San Antonio


It is exciting to consider cosmetic surgery. It will amaze you to read about procedures that can beautify or make you look younger. Take your time to learn as much as you can and seek help in making these decisions. It is important to ask yourself what and why you may want to have surgery. The choice of procedure to accomplish these goals requires a complete evaluation by an experienced and well trained physician. Doctor Levine is certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons; is Professor of Surgery at the University of Texas; is Chief of Staff of the Methodist Hospital; and has been in practice in San Antonio since 1981. He will interview you to determine your concerns, examine you to make appropriate recommendations to meet your needs, and explain in detail the procedures, risks, and alternatives for you. You need experienced advice. Surgery should not be a self-guided journey.

Once your interest has been guided into a chosen surgical procedure, Dr. Levine will answer all of your questions. Usually you will be seen 2-3 times prior to an operation to accomplish these goals. Some procedures such as breast augmentation will require you to choose between saline and silicone filled implants, and for you to determine the final size of the implant noting that the most important choice is to look natural… don’t worry, you will have lots of help making these decisions. Dr. Levine does surgery at the Methodist Hospital with a board certified anesthesiologist. A major hospital provides some safety support that is not available in an office or out-patient center.

The last question that you must ask yourself is why. Although this is a very private issue Dr. Levine will help you separate good motivation from bad. Do not have surgery for someone else, the results are meant for you.

With these ideas in mind, read on and enjoy the very interesting world of cosmetic surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement is a procedure to make the breast more attractive by increasing its size. Some women desire the addition of volume that they never developed while others want to restore volume lost to breast feeding, pregnancy or weight loss. Space is made for the surgical placement of a silicone implant filled with either silicone gel or saline. Doctor Levine uses both gummy bear form-stable and cohesive gel implants. His goal is to enhance your breast shape and size naturally. The augmented breast should still require a bra under formal clothes to look elegant and dressy. On the other hand you should be able to exercise without looking obvious. Excessively large implants can permanently damage your tissues. Doctor Levine will examine you to make certain that your breast is healthy. Based on your age and family history he may recommend a mammogram. Your breast will be sized by considering your height and weird and most importantly the foot-print or base width of your breast. During your consultation Dr. Levine will place sizing shells that will demonstrate the size of the combination of your tissue and the implant. The position of your nipple and the looseness of skin may not be corrected by solely adding volume. A low lying nipple can be repositioned without its removal from your breast and this mastopexy or breast lift can be done with a breast augmentation.

Doctor Levine most frequently prefers sub-pectoral gel implants. This dual plane is a combination of sub-muscle in the upper portion of your chest and sub-glandular position in the lower breast. This position can give the most natural look of lower pole fullness and avoids an upper pole shelf. When possible he prefers an incision around the areolar. Surgery is performed in the Methodist Hospital under general anesthesia administered by a board certified anesthesiologist. Preoperative antibiotics are prescribed. We encourage a return to a very active lifestyle. Breast implants have some particular risks as an implantable Device. The FDA recommends patients consider that they may lose sensation to the nipple or need additional surgery in the future when they elect to have this procedure, the reasons for this will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that creates an attractive nose that should not look ‘fixed’. It is performed with attention to improve breathing. You may think that your nose is too big or poorly shaped. A woman’s nose should be inconspicuous as her eyes, lips, and hair should capture the most attention. A prominent nose is a good masculinizing feature. Careful study of proportion is important at your consultation with Dr. Levine. Internal nasal exam will be done to evaluate your airflow. This out-patient procedure is performed under general anesthesia administered by a board certified anesthesiologist. After surgery, patients wear an external splint but Dr. Levine does not pack your nose, so that you can breathe through your nose. Rhinoplasty can require the longest period of observation to heal but you will see improvement in appearance as soon as the splint is removed. Doctor Levine prefers the open rhinoplasty which by the addition of a small scar under your nasal tip allows more precise control at surgery.


Doctor Levine performs blepharoplasty to improve the appearance and function of the eyelids. A wrinkled eyelid with prominent fat pockets and loss of shape is often the first sign of aging. Young adults may a family appearance of fat bulging while a droopy loss of support of the entire eyelid may accompany maturity. Doctor Levine will consult with you about your goals and determine the health of your tissues. The blepharoplasty procedure is performed under general anesthesia administered by a board certified anesthesiologist as an outpatient at Methodist Hospital. Patients experience swelling and bruising about the eyes of various degree and duration. Most often incisions are made in the upper lid crease and below the lower lid eyelashes.

Endoscopic, Hairline Lowering, and Lateral Subcutaneous Browlift

Some people have a familial appearance of heavy eyebrows and some acquirer a low positioned eyebrow with age. A flattened eyebrow can make you look angry and a lateral descent of your brow can create a sad look. The lid shape and position can be adjusted by these procures. At your consultation Dr. Levine will help you decide which is best for you. It is most important to be conservative with these procedures to avoid the “surprised look”. Some patients who have a low eyebrow position also have a high hairline. In these cases an incision can be made at the hairline to lower the hairline at the same time as raise the brow. When you have a low eyebrow positioning with a normal hairline, the procedure is done with an endoscope so that small incisions can be hidden in the hair-bearing scalp.